Hear from our tutor, Cindi, on the reading success of one third grade student.

Hear about the successful experience our tutor, Amanda, had with one first grade student.


“Shannon (the Life Tools Foundation tutor) is doing a fantastic job with our daughter! We have noticed some marked improvements! I even overhead her reading a book to her younger siblings this past week and that would have never happened before. We would definitely like to continue with tutoring!”


“Calvin and Life Tools were a Godsend for my 7th grade grandson. Although I knew that he had the ability, my grandson would not apply himself. This resulted in some poor grades and it also affected his self confidence in math and other subjects. Calvin and my grandson hit it off on the first day! Calvin was kind and patient throughout all of the sessions. He was also able to connect with my grandson to determine exactly what help he needed and how to keep him motivated. The first quarter of 8th grade is all A’s!! Thank you Life Tools Foundation!”


“My daughter struggled with anxiety, low self-confidence, and poor study skills.  Due to a number of family issues, we were not able to afford the full cost of one-on-one tutoring.  The Foundation made it possible and Mike took my daughter to the next level. He was consistent, patient, and encouraging through the entire process and my daughter responded. Her self-confidence has increased impressively and her grades have as well!  She is now talking college!” 


“I would also appreciate it if you could pass on my deepest, deepest gratitude to the person who made this grant money available to us. I want him or her to know they truly have changed the course of Maddie’s life. She literally could not read in the beginning of this journey, and now by my estimation she is maybe only a grade behind. That is incredible progress! Thank you!”


“I had a student who came in on the first day who told me that he couldn’t read. I figured this was an exaggeration, as the student had already completed a few years of school. However, when I asked him to begin a book, he could hardly get through a word. He had gotten by the past few years by using the first letters of words and the pictures in the story to guess what it said. We worked on techniques together, and put in a lot of time learning individual words. By the end of our time together, he was able to complete multiple word lists, read books 4-5 levels higher than when he began, and even write stories.”


At the end of his 8th grade year, my son was struggling with math and knowing how to study. He was failing both math and history. The LTF tutor that worked with him over the summer gave him a strong foundation in reading and algebra and boosted his self-confidence. After the first quarter of freshman year, he is getting all A’s and B’s, and  his transition to high school went very well. Thank you Life Tools Foundation!”