Our mission is to provide exceptional one-on-one tutoring for students from financially challenged families, to allow them to maximize their learning potential and to confidently pursue their educational and personal goals.

Your student’s goals are our goals. The only dreams that are too big are the ones that never get pursued. We will sit with you and your student to learn how high you would like to reach, and together we will make a plan and pursue that dream. We provide the flexibility to tutor in-home, at school, or at a public location of your choosing.

At Empowered Tutoring, we have a wealth of teaching and tutoring experience that spans every grade level and most every subject.  We have a passion for learning, we have a passion for teaching, and we have a passion for helping students succeed.

We believe in a “back-to-the-basics” teaching strategy

We understand the importance of keeping ahead of the newest teaching trends, but we are also firm believers that many techniques that have been tried and true for generations should not be casually tossed overboard. Memorization, repetition, confidence-building through achievement, and accountability are just a few of the foundational elements that guide our tutors.